Irukandji Serpentes 702 MULGA Rod


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Weight2 kg
Dimensions180 × 10 × 10 cm


Irukandji Serpentes 702 MULGA Rod

Irukandji Serpentes 702 MULGA is the big bait special BRILLIANT MURRAY COD ROD! If 8-12” baits are getting the bites, this is what you will want to throw them on. While shorter than conventional swimbait rods our testing has minimal to no loss of casting distance compared to longer rods, yet offering improved accuracy, and far more leverage for the angler against the fish. Featuring a 60mm butt grip, this rod won’t fatigue your wrists throwing heavy baits all day. With a heavy tip capable of setting large hooks and more than enough butt strength to pull up any fish capable of being stopped – the Mulga is a true monster slayer. We are very proud of this beast. Also a great rod for livescope and active target fishing with big fast sinking baits

  • Type:             Cast
  • Sections:       2-Butt join
  • Length:          7’0 | 213cm total length
  • PE rating:     
  • Cast Weight: 40-100g

The Irukandji Serpentes rod range has been specifically developed after years of research and a huge time of on water refinement, to excel in the most brutal fights a casting rod can endure. The team at Irukandji developed the range to take fishing to the next level. A signature series of casting series of rods conceived of necessity, while many rods they used in the past did survive what we put them through, none truly thrived. That was a huge focus of the new range.

Each model has been designed, refined and tested in the harshest of combat scenarios for literally thousands of hours, seeing hundreds of trophy class fish landed. Irukandji Tackle are confident, no series has been so heavily tested prior to release. When you are faced with battling trophy class fish, attack is the best form of defence. Take the fight to them with the SERPENTES series.

All rods in the series feature the following:

  •  Custom designed parabolic taper carbon blanks with protective coating
  •  2 piece butt joint
  •  Spiral wrapped double foot Titanium Recoil guide system
  •  Fuji ACS reel seats
  •  Fuji GMLGST silicone tips
  •  Natural cork butt grip with engraved butt ring detail
  •  Neoprene protective rod sleeve – ideal for travelling.

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