Jack Fin Pelagus 140-S


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Jack Fin Pelagus 140-S

New release Sinking Stickbait!

Jack Fin Pelagus 140S is a sinking stick-bait is a sensational baitfish size lure downscaled form the famous Pelagus 165S. Designed for Tuna fishing, but will be sensational as an all round flats lure and dynamite on Yellowtail Kingfish & all mid tackle species. A great allrounder for anything in the saltwater! Also dynamite in tropics for GTs, Coral Trout, trevally, queenfish, tuna, and ANYTHING that swims!

With an enticing wobble as it sinks, this lures attracts fish from a long way! A versatile lure, Pelagus lends itself to multiple retrieve actions and its aerodynamics ensures great casting performances. Pelagus 140-S is a sinking stickbait designed for medium/heavy fishing. It is the perfect bait for fishing on tuna / false albacore feeding frenzy and can also be used from land for leerfish and bluefish. This stickbait has a frenetic and attractive swimming, can be retrieved with both long or short twitches and the wobbling action can attract fish even while sinking. It is armed with 1.6 mm stainless steel through wire and the paint is protected by several layers of extra-strong glossy finish.
All these features makes it a perfect lure even in medium/heavy tropical fishing.

Recommended rigging: – Two Singles eg Shout Ringed Kudako hooks #4/0 or Gamakatsu Single HD #5/0 or Yamai Suteki Plugging Single 2/0

Alternate rigging – (belly) treble hook, Shout Treble 31 #1/0; (tail) single hook #4/0 OR two treble hooks Shout Treble 31 #1/0

Length: 140mm

Weight: 45g sinking