Little Jack Forma Stick

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Little Jack Forma Stick Sinking Pencil

Forma Stick is a new release Little Jack. At 90mm long and with a rolling pencil action, it can be fished in a variety of ways.  At 30g the lures are both a great land based or boat casting option. The compact body design makes them a great sized target for anything preying on baitfish, ideal as a whitebait feeder size. The lures also have a lifelike action on the retrieve so the lures can be worked fast as a subsurface lure or they can be fished in any part of the water column depending on where the fish are holding. Overwhelming realism, rolling action that is strong against threads. Tough specification heavy weight bait

  • Straight body that produces a rolling action that is resistant to threading
  • Wire penetration & heavy weight and flight distance. Fully compatible with large targets such as blue objects
  • Glossy form and life-like coloring that attracts threaded targets
  • Rolling action that occurs just by winding, panic action, skipping, etc. are possible
  • Versatile 90 mm body size against and 30g (body) weight in the overwhelming distance realization of appeal to the target in the flushing with make between not eaten in the fall of and horizontal posture

Can be fished with a variety or retrieves, long sweeps, fast erratic twitches and even a steady wind. Perfectly sized at 105mm long and solid 52g in weight, with a fully through wired construction and ABS body. Forma Heads has an inverted cupped mouth, that also catches water and delivers extra action. Available in a range of brilliant natural finishes that southern bluefin tuna, kingfish, longtail tuna and other fish will smash! A great value lure to get you into it and enjoying stickbait lure casting for tuna!

Comes rigged with BKK 4X Strong #6 trebles

90mm, 30g