Lumo Glow Green Soft Beads


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Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions8 × 5 × 1 cm


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Lumo Green Soft Beads

Soft lumo glow oval beads perfect for stinger rigging of soft plastics, swimbaits, glidebaits and anywhere you need to secure an extra hook. Also a great stopper bead for live bait fishing for species such as kingfish. Snapper rig beads and all round tackle applications. The perfect beads for rigging skirted game fishing lures.

Another ideal application is to use these soft beads to protect you winding a swivel through your rod tip. We love to use them as stoppers on jigheads rigged with a belly treble, such as the ultimate rig for Irukandji Sicario and Irukandji Bloodhawk soft swimbaits. Simply attach one of our Fast Lock Snaps to your jig head hook and slide a stopper over the point to hold the Clip in perfect position.

Available as a pack or save $$ and buy these soft beads as part of our Stinger Rigging Kit, that contains everything you need to get you going, just add the treble stinger hook you need!

3 sizes available.

  • Small: 4x6mm 25 per pack
  • Medium: 5x7mm 25 per pack
  • Large: 8x12mm 20 per pack