Megabass I-Slide 135 Floating


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Megabass I-Slide 135 FLOATING

Easy to use, small glidebait!

Megabass I-Slide 135  is a great smaller version of the I Slide 185. The Megabass I-Slide 135 has the same great S swimming action (with darting action if you add a rod twitch). An easy to use surface glidebait for Murray Cod, barramundi, mulloway, saratoga, bass, trout, estuary perch, flathead and other predators. This lure has a huge amount of unique features and retrieve styles that deliver different actions. The lure can even be swum in to a 360 degree turn, with a twitch of the rod to trigger bites from curious followers! Holding the hooks in place also streamlines I-SLIDE’s motion, allowing for smooth, consistent “S” swimming action during steady retrieve, and reduces slack-line tangles when executing sharp turns and 360-degree action.

  • 360° turns with a simple twitch of the rod: Twitch and throw line back at the lure, pause, then swim away. During the maneuver, the lure momentarily escapes from the predator’s eyesight then quickly appears right back in front of the fish’s mouth, triggering a reaction bite from followers.
  • S-Motion: Megabass I-Slide 135 Swimbait performs smooth “S” swimming motion under steady retrieve, and communicates lure action feedback to angler at all times. Positive feel of the lure’s motion becomes a clear advantage in strong currents and stained water.
  • MAGHOLD: The built-in magnets hold hooks in place, minimizing hook presence to streamline action, and trick those wise fish that rely on visual instincts. MAGHOLD also eliminates line tangle when performing 360-degree turns.
  • Superior Control: By simply changing retrieve speed, Megabass I-Slide 135 Swimbait’s S-Motion can be tuned for wide or tight action. This allows users to target visible structure incredibly tightly.
  • All-new features: The built-in MAGHOLD System (PAT.P) generates a magnetic field behind each hook hangar, cradling the needle-sharp treble hooks alongside the Megabass I-Slide 135 Swimbait’s body. This not only eliminates the unnatural profile of dangling hooks for an especially deadly clear-water presentation, but aligns the hook-points for an ideal hookset.

135mm long (5-1/3″), 28grams (1oz)

Rigged with #2 hooks front and rear

*If chasing XL Murray Cod we recommend upgrading trebles to Shout Treble T21 #2 (This will change the tuned behaviour slightly)