Megabass I-Wing 135


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Megabass I-Wing 135 Surface Crawler

Megabass I-Wing 135 is a surface crawler developed over several years to deliver the ultimate crawling action. Ready out of the box to specifically deliver surface action at a sweet reaction strike pace, this lure was DEVELOPED WITH OUR MURRAY COD AS ONE OF THE TARGETS! Worldwide input was given on this lure to make it truly unique!

I-Wing 135 is designed & developed to deliver a variety of features:

  • Lure that looks like a fish but can also present as an insect (crawling) at a super slow retrieve
  • Unique body roll, delivered by RAB (Rudder Action Balancer). A moving internal weight system that makes a pendulum motion to the left and right by the action and as it strikes the side wall to generate a hard sound and a shock wave through the water.
  • RAB delivers INSTANT MOVEMENT, there is no action delay that many crawler/paddling lures suffer from on start up.
  • Feather arm design to deliver best relevant action.
  • If retrieved at faster speed, I-Wing 135 rolls fast and crawls at a high pitch, but the tail weighting maintains water contact and stability.
  • ‘Feathers’ (wings) made specifically from Duralium for lightness and strength. Shaped specifically delivers best water movement and performance. (Wings can be turned upside down for a deeper ‘throbbing’ water movement).
  • Rear jointed body for extra movement, ultimate stability, Also improves RAB performance.
  • Replacement ‘feathers’ (wings) available, fully customise you lure. View/shop Spare Wing Kits here at Ebb Tide Tackle
  • Upgrade hook option: Shout T21 in Size #1

155mm long (5-1/3″)

46grams (1-5/8oz)