Megabass Konosirus Swimmer Sinking


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Weight0.12 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 8 cm



Megabass lipless swimbait, perfect for Livescope fishing!

MEGABASS KONOSIRUS SWIMMER Sinking is a magnum sized lipless bait has a great natural presence in the water and uniquely produces a low-resistance swimming action. It’s large size and flat sides make it one of the best lures for searching for fish with predatory patterns that target large bait around weeds and in shallow surf, as well as large fish-eaters that stick to schools of large bait. Think Murray Cod, Barramundi, kingfish, mulloway, salmon and more. especially ideal for a lure used to search impoundment weedbed edges and dropoffs for Murray cod and barramundi. A unique profile lure just like a small perch, boney bream, carp or grunter. The winding or pulling resistance is extremely light despite the big 150mm size of this lure, allowing for high-paced searching of wide areas. The outstanding hydrodynamics help to generate extremely natural rolling action and flashing. The KONOSIRUS SWIMMER will let you target schools of monster fish that devour large bait with its overwhelmingly natural presence. 

Moving weight system for extra long casting

Hook eye points have built in swivel eyes to assist fighting fish

150mm long (6″) and weighs 78g (2.75oz)

Rigged with strong 2/0 trebles