Megabass Magdraft Hasu Raver


New Release Megabass soft multi-section bait!


Megabass Magdraft Hasu Raver

Megabass MAGDRAFT “Hasu Raver” multi jointed soft swimming bait never stops moving! At 7″ long and 1 3/8oz in weight, everything from cod to barra, bass and flathead will inhale this! Mulloway, XL lake trout and saratoga won’t ever say no this unique soft jointed swimbait that can be fished several ways for awesome action! A new dimension swimming manipulator lure with many movable sections that “always move”. The ultra-realistic swimming shape with a triple body and ultra-thin joints combined with the live fins that glisten and flutter with the slightest flow of water , show off a realistic swim that is full of life with just a free roll. The supple action creates a natural bait that should be called a pseudo-living body.

With a long jerk just below the surface of the water, it shows a teleportation escape action that makes a real panic bait run away. For targets that did not eat while chasing straight retrieve, switch on predatory instinct with jerk and bring it to bite with one blow. Alternatively, the amazing predation rate of HASU RAVER is the amazing predation rate that can be eaten just by adding simple actions such as the flickering that occurs at the moment of stopping or the panic escape that suddenly increases the retrieve speed. Megabass’ original MAGHOLD ( PAT.P) system has hooks magnetically attached to the body to camouflage the presence of hooks. Eliminate the sense of incompatibility against tough targets and show off flexible and natural actions. HASU RAVER is a new existence that far exceeds the performance of swim baits by Adjusting not only the lotus pattern in the reservoir but also the large bait patterns nationwide such as falling sweetfish, dace, and squid.

7″ long

1 3/8oz

Slow Floating, rigged with treble as pictured.