Megabass Magslowl 7″ Swimbait

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Megabass Magslowl 7″ Swimbait

Allround easy to fish swimbait!

Megabass Magslowl is specifically designed to be fished at a dead slow retrieve. This swimbait works as soon as you move it due to its unique design and shape. Magslowl runs nose down which helps the lure to ride over snags and features the unique Megabass internal magnet system and split belly that allows the treble to be semi hidden, minimising snags without sacrifice on hookups!

MagSlowl is designed so the head of the lure stays still and the action is produced by the tail. The tapered tail material activates with the slightest movement, undulating side-to-side with an extremely natural and realistic swimming action. Softer material is key for slower retrieves and cold, clear water, making the Megabass Magslowl an ideal match for large, lethargic predators, just like MURRAY COD, MULLOWAY, BARRAMUNDI, FLATHEAD, HUGE TROUT, in Australia.

Internally, just like the Megabass Magdraft range, the Magslowl Swimbait is fitted with a magnet that secures the hook in place and acts as a stabilizer to produces a more natural action. Long, hand-tied feathers add an extra element of visual appeal on the hook.

7 inches long

1 1/4 ounces (36gm)

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