Millerods CrankFreaK AU 7102


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Weight2 kg
Dimensions225 × 10 × 10 cm


Millerods CrankFreaK AU 7102

Deep crankbait rod! Bass cranking!


  • 7’10” 2pc (blank +detachable handle)

  • Medium action
  • Recommended line 6-15lb FC; #15-20 braid
  • Ideal lure range 12-45gm
  • The latest Fuji Fazlite KR semi-micro multi-guide train (13+1 with #5 smallest size)
  • Custom anti-tangle Hook Keeper & also includes Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve


New Miller Rod Crank freak is a deep cranking hardbody rod, designed for bass fishing, but ideal for any application where length and deep power is an asset. This is the Aussie version of our successful US bass model. Designed primarily for throwing crankbaits in deep water, it’s about as easy casting and user-friendly as can be. The heart and soul of this rod is the blank. And there’s a lot to the design of this one when it comes to action, length, power, balance and feel.


Perhaps the most important aspect of this blank design lies in the construction. There is a very fine line between able to achieve casting distance and retrieve power, but still load easily on hook-set. This blank has the desirable loading ‘feel’ of fibreglass to protect the hook-hold, yet is high performance graphite which helps achieve easy casting distance, and remains light in the hand.


The super-smooth action is not only great for launching crankbaits with less fouled lures, it’s also invaluable for protecting the hook-holds as it absorbs the lunges of a big fighting bass.


The longer 7’10” length is also crucial for easily obtaining this casting distance. And when the lure needs to get a little deeper, by employing the ‘kneel & reel’ technique and submerging the tip end well down into the water, your crank will dive even further.


The power of the CrankFreak is ideal for popular crankbaits used in impoundment Australian bass fishing. Not only is there the right amount of grunt to get casting distance, but there is also enough power to perfectly control the load created by a big-bibbed crankbait without folding away – and then still some to get the hooks in.


The rod is light in the hand, yet still balanced to be slightly tip-down when retrieving which is the natural angle for deep cranking. But it’s still light enough for easy ‘tip-up’ retrieves should they be required.


And when it comes to the handle design, Ian’s trademark Control Freak skeleton handle is minimal and allows for maximum feedback from the lure. And, the parts are all Fuji, of course.


Importantly the extra-long, custom-shaped EVA rear grip can be comfortably tucked under the arm for lure-retrieving which keeps a long day of retrieving big cranks far less tiring, and when it comes to the hookset it’s a simple matter of using that long butt as leverage to get the hooks in: keep the butt cap against the body and simply sweep the rod tip away from the fish – you’re on! Then the fish can be fought with the rod tucked under the arm, or however you are comfortable.


The multi-guide train consists of an amazing 13+1 (tip-top) of Fuji Fazlite KR guides! These run super true and easy, and further enhance the overall casting and retrieving smoothness of the CrankFreak AU performance.


Big suspended bass, big water… you’re covered!


^Millerods recommends the use of the FG knot for connecting braided fishing lines to monofilament leaders. All Ian’s lure casting guide trains are selected with this connecting knot in mind.

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