Millerods RB SwimFreaK 661 Rod


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Weight2 kg
Dimensions190 × 10 × 10 cm


Millerods RB SwimFreaK 661 Rod

Small glidebait swimbait rod!

  • 6’6″ 1pc
  • Medium action
  • Recommended line 3-6kg
  • Ideal lure range 15-30g
  • Conventional Fuji Fazlite (11+1 multi-guide train with smallest guide size #4.5)^
  • Custom Millerods Hook Keeper & also includes Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve

Miller SwimFreak RB is designed for small glide baits, swimbaits, topwater and also hard bodied lures. Ian has extensive experience with larger baits for American bass, and this led to an infatuation with using small ‘glides’ for targeting river Australian bass a couple of seasons ago. Realising that in the right place and time a glidebait of 100mm or so can fool big bass that are otherwise hard to catch, Ian spent large chunks of the ensuing bass seasons developing this craft and designing the perfect rod to use for it.

Working the right line of retrieve is important with swimbaits, and the SwimFreaK RB easily casts long enough for our river waterways. The 6’6” length is also easy to handle in the closer proximities of foliage in the riverbank situation, and will cast accurately for when targeting isolated structure. The tip power is a little stiffer for casting slightly heavier lures, yet the blank power is slightly softer in the middle section to protect hook holds of the trebles. Superbly balanced, this rod is an absolute pleasure to fish and will maximise the effectiveness of this cutting edge lure application.

The blank is super sensitive, and together with the skeleton reel seat you can feel that your swimbait or glide is swimming properly. The x-firm custom shaped blue Camoufish EVA makes for easy-going, comfortable casting. And while light in the hand, the SwimFreak RB has plenty of authority for landing big bass from the riverside cover!

While primarily designed for glide and swimbaits, the SwimFreaK RB is also ideal for targeting river fish on any hard bodied lure – including topwater – within the recommended weight range.

Casting, retrieving and fighting are all as smooth as possible because the line moves so evenly over the 11+1 multi-guide train. The guide train is relatively small which is best for fishing FC lines straight through which is a popular option for swimbaits, but still easily allows the use of braid/leader combinations.


^Millerods recommends the use of the FG knot for connecting braided fishing lines to monofilament leaders. All Ian’s lure casting guide trains are selected with this connecting knot in mind.


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