Ryugi Pierce Brutal Twin Hooks


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Dimensions9 × 4 × 3 cm


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Ryugi Pierce Brutal Twin Hooks

Ryugi Pierce Twin Hooks are premium ultimate heavy wire twin hook system. The BRUTAL TC Coated range have the balance of super strong strength vs diameter for ultimate penetration and are one of the best we have found at Ebb Tide Tackle. These twin hooks were designed to solve one of the main problems that plagues traditional twin hooks. With a traditional twin treble hook, the shanks of both hooks are fixed, so if both hook points are under load, the twisting force from a fish can have the tendency to bend or deform the hook during the fight.

The Ryugi Pierce Brutal Twin Hook system eliminates these issues by bundling two single hooks with a heat-shrinkable tube, so each hook can move and flex according to the load. Constructed with a heavy wire, the hooks still offer good penetrating power by way of Ryugi’s proprietary TC Teflon coating that makes the surface of the hooks slick. Perfect for large swimbaits or glide baits, the Ryugi Pierce Brutal Twin Hook is suited for heavy tackle applications that involve targeting the largest predators in your waters like Murray Cod, barramundi, mulloway and others.

Size 1: 5 twin per pack.

Size 0, 1/0: 4 twin per pack.

Size 2/0: 3 twin per pack.