Sea Falcon Cutlassfish Semi-long 130g

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Weight0.22 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 2 cm



Sea Falcon Cutlassfish Semi-long 130g

High pitch jig!

Sea Falcon Cutlass Semi-Long is a great allrounder! This metal jig keeps the flat fluttering fall of minnow style jigs and offers superb castability and falls as a dead bait through the water. However, you can also use this as a jig and it excels! The flashing effect from the holographic sticker on belly is very efficient and adds to the appeal of the lure. Work as a high pitch jig, with centre balance this jig falls fast and flutters on the drop. Fish with a long lift and throw in a pause or two for some hang time and these will bring any fish that loves eating cutlassfish (hairtail), but also a great version of whitebait, small anchovy or any small profile bait. Proven very productive on tuna, yellow tail kingfish, amberjack, and more.

180mm, 130g

Handmade in Japan.