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Shout Lighten Jig

Great allround slow pitch jig, easy to work!

“Technical Slow Jerker” Shout Lighten is a great slow pitch and micro style jig. When worked as a slow pitch jig, the Lighten has a horizontal flare, with an exciting and raunchy action that gets great reaction inducing strikes. Tuned to perform when worked slow. A beautiful darting action, horizontal action and flutter is delivered. The Lighten jig will catch fish that usually only hit very small jigs, such as horse mackerel, slimeys, sea bream and others. However, it is also great as a jig to tie on when big predators like trevally, tuna, kingfish, snapper and other fish are fixed onto small baits. Can also be used as a jig for shore based ISO-fishing and shallow water fishing anywhere.

The Lighten is a jig that will surprise you and catches fish easily. An ideal for new fishers to try jigging with, the action of the jig will also change with the style of rod used to jig it. Ideal to drop just under the boat and experiment with different techniques, you will be excited by the Lighten! Proven on many reef fish but also fools kingfish and doggies. A great allrounder to have in your jig bag.

Available in 50g, 70g, 90g & 120g