Shout Powerful BB Swivel


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Dimensions8 × 5 × 1 cm


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Shout Powerful Ball Bearing Swivel

Top Quality Ball Bearing Swivel

Shout Powerful Ball bearing swivel are premium swivels for the ultimate in performance. “Powerful BB swivel” is significantly stronger than a conventional ball bearing swivel. The internal structure of the bearing, which consists of three parts, has been thoroughly improved. Furthermore, high strength is achieved by increasing the volume of the core material, without compromising on the footprint size of the swivel.

The bearing ball uses a high-grade SUS304H ball with high sphericity. This bearing maintains a smooth, high rotation performance even when tension is applied in fighting with big fish. The forces and pressure on your braid and/or leader system are be minimized throughout all stages of use. These swivels excel in shallow water jigging and lure casting, where many casts are used, the thread twist that causes line trouble is improved, so the game can be continued without stress.

The basis of the highly regarded must have Shout “Assist BB swivel” that is used by slow pitch jigging pro’s all over the world. Also the perfect swivel if you are trolling or casting Sluggos, no more braid twist here!


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