Shout Rock Fish Assist


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Shout Rock Fish Assist Hook

Shout Rockfish Assist Hook is a pre-rigged slow pitch jigging assist hook with occy skirt, ready to go! A soft lumo bead is contained perfectly under the occy skirt to minimise tearing and the skirt sliding down over the hook. Spliced white Shout PE Cord completes the rigging and this skirt is ready to attach straight to your jig or to a solid ring, either top or bottom as required. The occy skirt provides extra flash and attraction to your jig and can be the difference on slow days offshore jigging. This hook is also a great hook replacement for inchiku style jigs.

Available in three sizes and two colours!

  • Small: 3 per pack, 80lb PE Cord
  • Medium: 3 per pack, 100lb PE Cord
  • Large: 2 per pack, 120lb PE Cord