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Weight0.18 kg
Dimensions19 × 4 × 2 cm


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Shout SHAB SHAB jig

A truly great all round jig.

The Shout ‘Shab Shab’ jig is a thin, wide jig that performs well with a variety of retrieves. A true allround jig, Shab Shab excels as a slow pitch style jig and has a huge flutter on the fall. It can also be worked fast, where the action pulls into a narrower, tight tail kick. It really is a great jig for both fishing deep water onthe bottom, targeting demersal and reef fish and also as a great jig for kingfish, samson fish, amberjack and tuna, especially dogtooth tuna. A great favourite jig of ours at Ebb Tide. Capable of being worked hard and aggressively as a knife jig, but this lure comes alive if you slow it down and let the highly reflective finish flutter and attract prey from far away.

Ideal for Yellowtail Kingfish, Tuna (especially Dogtooth) and a wide variety of species.

Available in;

100g (130mm)

130g (145mm)

160g (155mm)

200g (175mm)

300g (185mm)