Shout Straight Point Treble 33


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Weight0.06 kg
Dimensions10 × 8 × 4 cm


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Shout Straight Point Treble 33

Heavy wire bluewater, cod, barra treble

Shout Straight Point Treble 33 heavy wire treble is built for big gamefish. Think kingfish, amberjack, tuna and GTs (in larger sizes) and as a Murray Cod or barramundi treble, it is next level! The treble has a sharp straight taper point and a gap shape that takes heavy load of braid lines. The hook is also treated with Shout’s unique corrosion protection ARA (the special corrosion-resistant surface treatment Anti Rust Armor). This treatment minimises rust effect and increases durability of the treble. The Treble 33 is a heavier treble than the Shout Curved Point 31 treble, making them one of the best value heavy trebles on the market.

Dull finish treble. Extra strong.

  • Size 1/0: 6 p/pack, 4.50g (12mm gape)
  • Size 2/0: 5 p/pack, 6.02g (14mm gape)
  • Size 3/0: 5 p/pack, 6.60g (16mm gape)
  • Size 4/0: 5 p/pack, 9.39g (18mm gape)
  • Size 5/0: 5 p/pack, 12.42g (20mm gape)