Vexed Bottom Meat 250g


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Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 2 cm


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Vexed Bottom Meat 250g

Vexed Bottom Meat is a hybrid jig / bait system that helps you catch more fish, often! This is the first of its kind designed for bait fishers who are wanting to transition into the world of artificial jig. The Bottom Meat has been designed to get big baits to the sea floor and in front of trophy sized tasty eating fish, and epic sportfish too!

Made up of a high intensity glowing Vexed Dhu Bomb Head giving more appeal than the traditional sinker rig, the jig / bait system is rigged with Vexed Bottom Meat Assist which will get hooks into any fish that dares to take it. Tied with high quality Harbor hooks, Japanese assist cord, stainless steel split rings and finished with a glowing lumo squid, the Vexed Bottom Meat won’t let you down.

The jig’s head is also equipped with the under the chin assist point giving you the option of attaching a Flashy Assist Hook to make your bait even more attractive to any demersal predator. This concept is the perfect way to drop baits deep with thinner PE and lighter, more modern slow pitch outfits. Making it not only more fun, but more responsive and less tiring. Ideal bait options for the Vexed Bottom Meat might include octopus leg, squid, large fish strip baits and whole fish baits. The Vexed Bottom Meat is designed to catch any and all demersal species, anywhere that you fish offshore!

  • Hybrid jig / bait system
  • Rigged with Vexed Bottom Meat Assist
  • Dhu Bomb Head
  • Equipped with the under the chin assist hook point
  • Available in 9 weights, from 20g to 300g
  • 250g model fitted with 5/0 Assists