Vexed Dhu Head Jig head



Vexed Dhu Head Jig head

Vexed Dhu Head jighead is a fixed jig head using the same shape head as the articulated Dhu Bomb and Bottom Meat. The Vexed Jig Head has an “Under Chin Assist Point” to give you the option of attaching a stinger or assist hook to the lure setup.  Dhu Head has been specifically designed to be strong, visible and to sink soft plastics to the sea floor where demersal species dwell.

The Dhu head jighead is made using a forged stainless Harbor hook, laced with a high intensity glow/UV paint finish. Attach any assist hook is via a solid ring and split ring, connecting via this way will allow you to de-rig and change assist hooks with ease.

These heads have been designed with flat sides to give the soft bait more action on lift and drop and an be used with jerk shads, paddle tails and cray lord soft baits, in fact, any soft plastic or small to medium swimbait will slay on these!

Available in:

20g, 40g, 60g, 80g (2 jig heads per pack)

110g, 150g, 200g (1 jig head per pack)