Vexed Flashy Triple Bait Assist 7/0


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Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 2 cm


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Vexed Flashy Triple Bait Assist 7/0

Vexed Triple Flashy Assist can be used as a jig assist, on a bait paternoster rig , or as a Vexed Bottom Meat Replacement part. During testing, we found the intense flash, glow and UV made all the difference to entice a bite on tough shut down days. Three hooks will simply hook more fish than a single or double assist. For Maximum effectiveness, slap on a strip of fresh fish,
whole squid, fresh octopus leg, pilchard and fish it deep and slow. Rigged with super sharp Harbor hooks and fluorocarbon Core PE Assist cord will ensure fish are hooked and stay attached.

Rig built with 3x 7/0 hooks, approx 200mm total length. 2 rigs per pack