Yamai Suteki Twin Assist Hooks 4cm


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Dimensions10 × 5 × 2 cm


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Yamai Suteki Twin Assist Hooks 4cm

Jigging Twin Assists from Japan, perfect slow jigging assist hooks from Yamai Suteki. Premium quality Japanese made double assists for jigging. Perfect for slow pitch style jigging with fine ultra sharp hooks that go in with ease and stay in. But, the beauty of the Suteki Maboroshi hook is that it is extremely strong, so you won’t have big fish and nasties toweling you up! These are for serious sized jigs and fish!

  • Fast penetrating hooks & great holding power (famous Maboroshi hook)
  • PE Assist cord with Flurocarbon core (minimises tangles around jig)
  • Black Assist cord for stealth
  • Also available in 2cm & 4cm lengths, plus a variety of sizes
  • 2 assists per pack
Size:  Gape
 1/0 hook  19mm gape
 2/0 hook 20mm gape
 3/0 hook 23mm gape  
 4/0 hook 31mm gape