Amegari Dzanga 230 50 Cup

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Amegari Dzanga 230 50Cup

230mm Bubbletrail Sweeping Popper, 50mm Cup

Amegari GT Toys are 100% handcrafted and shaped according to Orkatz’s selected prototypes. Everything is crafted 100% by hand at Amegari’s workshop using no automation. Every lure is desgned first and foremost to deliver MAXIMUM ACTION.

Crafted from paulownia and treated to a rigorous build process that delivers a brutally hard sealed coating, yet natural buoyancy and action.

Features 2mm S/S thru wiring

Long/short sweeps for MASSIVE turbulence, rolling "S" action and large bubble trail

Length: 230mm

Weight: 155-165g

Rec. hooks: GT Recorder 6/0 x2, 7/0 belly & Kudako 8/0 tail, Jignesis 15/0 singles