CB One OZMA 105mm 46g SHW Fast Sink Stickbait

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CB One Ozma SHW105 Fast Sink Stickbait 46g

Great value small profile fast sink stickbait!

C.B. One Ozma is a sinking stick bait targeted at deceiving Tuna & pelagics around the world. The ABS body is equipped with stainless steel through wire & extremely robust design to withstand a long period of time and high load. The lure is finished with an exceptional holographic finish. 

Realistic plug to deceive the target when focused on small baits. Wide rolling action from a constant wind and sensational flutter on the drop makes this irresistible! Casts massive distances. Ozma can be worked as a fast fleeing baitfish, or slowed down and limped back like injured or dying prey item.

This SHW model contains tungsten weight, delivering extra long casting distance and a faster sink rate than the HW Ozma series. Comes rigged with trebles, but a great option for a solid hookup and fast release if you are that way inclined is to use the CB One Sinking Pencil Front Assist hook 5/0 off a split ring on the nose.


105mm - 46g - Fitted with Owner ST66 Size 2 trebles & #4 CB One Split Rings