CB One Zero1 Semilong 250 Jig

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CB One Zero1 Semilong 250 Jig

Great allround jig, fish as short or long fall style!

CB One Zero1 Semilong 250 jig is a great allround jig to use exploring. Precise weight balanced allows jig to fall horizontally sliding side to side under it's own control. Tension free drop allows a slide and fall style drop, with CB One regarding the ZERO1 semi-long as a self-propelled high-tech jig that has the characteristics of both a short jig and a long jig.
Excellent jig for targeting Tunas, Amberjacks, Yellowtail, Groupers and much more. Also brilliant option for deep jigging targeting Blue Eye, Trumpeter, snapper, kingfish and other deep species.

250g - 208 mm long

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