Deps New Silent Killer 145


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Deps New Silent Killer 145

Bibbed Glide Bait for trout, bass, cod, flathead, mulloway & more!

Deps Silent Killer 145 Glide Bait is the perfect allround bait fish size to get slammed! Everything from trout, bass, flathead, Murray Cod, barramundi, mulloway (jewies), saratoga & more! The Silent Killer series features a unique soft sound and can be used in a variety of retrieve methods. Deadly with a dead stick style retrieve on the surface, even floating static. Twitch and pause like a wounded baitfish can also prove the best way to go. Add this to a subsurface constant roll or cranking style retrieve and the Silent Killer is a must have for your tackle box. It also kicks over snags well on the retrieve.

Made with a unique process, the New Silent Killer features an ABS injected core with an internal spring weight in the head that emits a faint knocking acoustic with faster retrieves and provides a subtle vibration on the pause, just like a real bait-fish! The Silent Killer is then finished with a soft plastic skin with extremely realistic detail, colour and finish, even down to sale patterns and gills. This soft skin allows the lure to have a subtle natural sound in the water and helps to deliver extra action. All Silent Killers have a unique Water Through Duct, that allows water to flow between the core body and the outer shell, making the lure an extremely life like glide bait!

Ideal for all rivers and our lakes across the country. Salt and fresh, this will dominate!  Not just for Eildon, Mulwala, Copeton, Blowering and other impoundments!

Floating 145mm (5.7")

45g (1.6oz)

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