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Lew’s Reels making a splash in Australia!

Lew’s Reels
making a splash in Australia!

So you’re on the prowl for a new baitcast reel? Are you scanning
through Google reviews, Facebook groups and asking around your fishing mates as
to what is the latest and greatest?

Lew’s reels have been part of the bass fishing mainstream in
the USA for over 50 years, yet are relatively new to Australia. These reels are
well suited to Australian fishing situations, with models to cover everything
from hard core top end saltwater barramundi fishing to models that will throw a
300mm swimbait in freezing conditions searching for that 130cm Murray Cod or deliver
finesse performance while hopping a vibe for trophy bass or yellowbelly. Lew’s have
already become well established on the Australian Bass Tournament circuits and the
many Aussie fishos are pricking their ears up and raising an eyebrow. These
reels are damm good value for the money.

What makes Lew’s different?

As the Lew’s motto rolls ‘Feel The Difference’. These
reels sit in hand, mount on your rod and feel like they really should be dramatically
more expensive. Once you get one on the water and fish with it, you know why
they are now taking on a decent portion of the US market. Lew’s reels are extremely
reliable and deliver premium performance at a great price compared to the others
out there. The company prides itself on reels that are ‘engineered with
superior components for unequalled performance’.

Lew’s reels are built from four base design groups (or platfroms) and there are many different model ranges within each of these platforms. In a nutshell, the chassis (or platform) the reels are built
around can be broken down as follows;

 SLP platform: Super Low Profile.

Baitcast reels designed with a low centre of gravity, super compact in hand and on rod, an innovative 32mm diameter spool that starts and accelerates faster without compromising
power or performance. Using only the best Magnesium, Titanium or Aluminium as
construction materials.

Lew’s SLP Model Reels: 
Team Lew’s Pro-Ti, Team Lew’s Hyper Mag, Team Lew’s Custom Pro,

 Super Duty Family: Big Bait Dreams are answered!

OUR FAVOURITE FOR BIG SWIMBAIT & GLIDEBAIT FISHING! Built for big lures, big fish & heavy cover! Built to be tough without any sacrifice on casting or performance. Aluminium frame & aluminium handle sideplate to prevent torque when under pressure. High strength precision CNC solid brass gears for long lasting durability & smoothness. Perfect for swimbaits, huge crankbaits & big time performance!
Lew’s Super Duty Model Reels

Super Duty 300Super Duty Wide, Super Duty G

LFS Platform: Lighter, Faster, Stronger.

Tough Aluminium frame that houses a 34mm aluminium spool.
Small profile, reduced weight design in comparison to other metal frame reels
on the market. Designed as a great balance between rugged strength and high end performance.
Lew’s LFS Model Reels:
Lew’s Tournament Pro, Team Lew’s LITE,
Lew’s Inshore, Tournament MB, Lew’s Speed Spool

BB1 Platform: Original Lew’s innovation

Original reel platform developed in the 1970’s. First reel to have low profile design EVER!, fully disengaging level wind, smooth side cover for reel palming. Durable & comfortable. Historical performer that still delivers modern day performance.
BB1 Reels: BB1 Pro Speed Spool, BB1 Speed Spool

From these 4 unique platforms discussed above, Lew’s reels are designed and built to suit specific styles of fishing and deliver unique performance. There are a huge range of features within each range of models that deliver benefits, from specific gearing designs to braking and also handy identification measures on reels in the range that set Lew’s apart from the rest.

Next we will take a look at some of the unique features that make Lew’s the step above! Stay tuned to our blog!

Want to see more?

Feel free to head over and explore the Lew’s Reels range
or drop us a line if you have any questions on anything at all! We have been
using Lew’s reels for several years and have given them a serious run.

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