Megabass Valkyrie Rods

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Megabass Valkyrie Rods

Ideal all round Murray Cod & barra Rods! Medium swimbaits, spinnerbaits, hardbodies.

One of our favourite rods for fishing Megabass Vatalion, Big M, divers and Cod X Twin Spin Spinnerbaits!

  • Valkyrie VKC-71H Length: 7'1" Weight: 183g Lure Capacity: 3/8 - 2oz Line Capacity: 12-30lbs Guide setting: Spiral Wrap. Adjustable Handle Length from 235mm to 285mm!

The versatile frog shaft VKC-71H is a rod that not only allows for effective frog games in mats, but also twitching in front of reeds and in open-water pockets. The high-torque lifting power helps it maintain control during cover games, and the exquisite rod action and balance make for a convincing presentation in front of reeds. Strong fights in heavy vegetation and lively actions in open areas can all be done with this one versatile frog game shaft.

  • Valkyrie VKC-71MH Length: 7'1" Weight: 174g Lure Capacity: 3/8 - 1oz Line Capacity: 12-25lbs Guide setting: Standard.  Adjustable Handle Length from 235mm to 285mm!

Developed as a dedicated deep cranking rod for crank baits such as DEEP-SIX and DEEP-X300. Also a brilliant Spinnerbait rod with a huge amount of sensitivity and power! 

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The Valkyrie blanks are constructed with a unique process of multiple layered sheets woven out of 40% powerful and high elongation micro glass fiber and 60% super lightweight carbon graphite fiber. This dramatically increased the hoop strength of the shaft, torsional and superb weight reduction, resulting in a material with superior durability under even the most hostile conditions. Following in the footsteps of YOLOY and KABT, SHIELZ is Megabass’ third high-strength structural material.

The MAHS adjustable handle length system enables optimal rod balance by adjusting handle length at-will according to the weight of the equipped reel. The length of the rear handle can also be changed on the fly according to the situation, shortening the handle to attack heavy cover with pinpoint casts, and lengthening for increased leverage for long distance casting. For fights with big fish that require greater torque, use the longer setting. For areas with narrow footing or when you’re lifting those big monsters up onto the boat use the short setting. This unique Megabass system significantly increases ease of use with long rods.