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Megabass Vatalion Swimbait

Swimbait lure for Murray Cod, barramundi, bass, flathead, mulloway swimbait fishing!

Crafted by master lure designer, Yuki Ito, the Megabass Vatalion Swimbait is a bass’ worst nightmare. Measuring 4.5-inches in length, its profile perfectly matches that of a small bluegill or panfish, making the Vatalion a very tempting meal for any hungry bass.

The Vatalion is not meant to be worked with rod action. Instead the retrieve is what drives the Vatalion’s action. Tuned for all retrieve speeds, it is designed to stop on a dime and slide out to the left or right when the retrieve is suddenly paused. 

With a slow retrieve the Vatalion exhibits sharp, quick turns for pinpoint targeting through grass beds, submerged weeds, and alongside structure. A fast retrieve will deliver a hard-hitting, high-pitched rolling action similar to the Megabass Vibration-X Ultra and will draw curious fish from a great distance. Made to swim 1-3 feet below the surface, the Vatalion also slowly floats up when paused, which aggravates less motivated fish into striking.

Built with realistic details to further the attraction of the Vatalion, it features downward looking 3D eyes, highly realistic 3D gill plates, and a top dorsal fin that completes its spellbinding appeal. Equipped with custom holographic paint jobs that reflect multiple colors at different angles, and sticky sharp Japanese treble hooks, the slow floating Megabass Vatalion Swimbait is perfect for terrorizing bass in the 1 to 3 foot range.

We have had some spectacular success on Murray cod with this lure from lake Eildon, Mulwala, the rivers and Copeton Dam - watch this lures progress!  Big barra are going to love Vatalion! 

The stock hooks and rings quite are ok and certainly sharp but we strongly recommend upgrading trebles- Size #2 Shout! Curve Point 21's do the trick nicely and an increase to 1/0 still works well but begins to impact buoyancy more towards a neutral float while going up in hook gauge to 1/0 Shout Curve Point 31's (a more heavy duty hook) may result in a slow sink with minor loss in responsive action.  This could be a great option in some scenarios, like where you want your Vatalion to dredge a little.

Floating model: 115mm, 39 grams

SW model: (slow sinking): 115mm, 43 grams

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