Shout Curve Point Treble 31

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Shout Curve Point Treble 31

Shout! Curve Point Treble 31 is a proven heavy wire treble designed for alll medium and big game, such as tuna and kingfish and pelagics. 

Suitable as a mid range GT weight treble (not PE8+ gear)

The curve point maximises hookups and protects lures from wear damage.

Treated with a high corrosion protection ARS finish.

Size 1/0: 6 p/pack, 4.10g

Size 2/0: 6 p/pack, 5.08g

Size 3/0: 5 p/pack, 6.43g

Size 4/0: 5 p/pack, 8.63g

Size 5/0: 4 p/pack, 9.72g

Size 6/0: 3 p/pack, 13.04g

Size 7/0: 3 p/pack, 16.16g