Orion Bigfoot 45

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Orion Big Foot 45

Orion Big Foot has become one of the most famous sinking stickbait for GT anglers. Now it is available in a smaller profile for all round reef fish and bluewater pelagics! A great option for kingfish and tuna focussed on small to medium sized bait when you need a lure that is tough, casts a mile and will hold in under the surface in any conditions, not matter how rough it gets!

When worked slowly with small jerks it will swim in a tight walk the dog motion. Longer pulls with pause in between each jerk will provide a wider swimming action and larger Zs made by the lure. The Bigfoot, like all Orion Lures casts like a bullet, thanks to its aerodynamic shape and high density.

Hooks: #2 trebles or ideal with Shout Ringed Kudako Singles in size 3/0. Also the Yamai Suteki Plugging 1/0

Bigfoot 45 - 45g 150mm