Blaze Garage Sraththa 60

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Blaze Sraththa Popper

Blaze Sraththa Popper range continues to grow in bluewater fishing poppers! The all new 60 gram model is a game changer for light tackle surface fishing! The flared cup drives a bigger than average presence but is not difficult to work.

An extremely balanced popper that casts great distance and is extremely easy to pop. Saththa (pronounce: sath-tha) in Thai means “Believe or To Believe”.

This popper is a go to on everything from tuna & yellowtail kingfish down south to everything inshore and reef living in the tropics!

Horizontal tail loop delivers easy rigging.

Rigging options: Size 1/0 or 2/0 Shout Treble or Shout Kudako 2/0 or 3/0

60g (140mm), 30mm cup diameter size