Deps Pulse Cod


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Weight0.08 kg
Dimensions10 × 6 × 3 cm


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Deps Pulse Cod Popper

Deps “Pulse Cod” popper will attract fish every second it is in the water! Developed for targeting tough big bass during the after-spawn period and in high-pressure fields, Deps Pulse Cod is built with a spring weight micro vibe system- a weighted spring mounted inside the body that creates a high pitch “pulse” as the weight trembles in the currents, even when holding still. The flat cup shape of the mouth with bulges on the sides improves straightness and helps the bait float completely horizontal while still, and helps to create the popping splash as it pushes water when it moves across the surface.

On a flat water surface, it creates ripples that look like the trembling of a falling insect’s wings.  The Pulse Cod is the true allround popper to call fish to the surface yet present subtle if you need it to. The strong presence and ultra-natural vibrations, and promises a top water game to catch as the strongest popper.

Perfect for large perch, bass, yellowbelly, trout, bream, saratoga and even suitable for Murray Cod at 80mm long and 16g. Also a smaller version at 10g and 65mm long available.

  • SIZE: 80mm
  • WEIGHT: 16g
  • HOOK SIZE : #4 trebles