CB One MB1 Semilong 120g Jig

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CB One MB1 Semilong 120g Jig

Back Slide action jig for small bait profile!

CB One MB One Semi-Long is a metal jig that is highly effective in situations where small baits such as whitebait and sand eels are densely packed under the surface of the water, and inviting inside a bait ball under the surface of the water. The perfectly symmetrical form, which causes the same action for both jerk and fall, makes it easy to cut in the direction of travel in both raising and lowering, and invites with a medium-distance half slide in a group of baits. The four sides that make each appearance have a continuous flickering and blinking appeal when flattened, and because they have a volume for their length, they are thin and heavy, and are an effective narrow form for capturing small baits. It is more effective in close combat than when fishing over a wide area.

120g – 147mm long