CB One Zorro 200

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CB One Zorro 200

CB One Zorro is a floating stickbait plug made of hardwood that has been developed as a must have kingfish, amberjack  and tuna lure. In the larger sizes, it is a dynamite GT lure. Newly redefined, the Zorro shape has slightly changed to a more linear form and the centralization of the center of gravity at the rear have realized an improvement in casting distance due minimising any tumble through the air. After diving into the water, it develops fine amplitude wobbling and slide action to the left and right, and its high buoyancy makes it agile to lift and swim, and it has excellent ability to respond to speed changes. The lure itself has a strong self-propelled power to move, and it attracts big players with its extremely natural action.

Japanese made wooden pencil plug for targeting GTs, yellow tail kingfish, amberjacks, tuna & bluewater species. Superb balance and tuned to swim with a short twitch or long sweep for maximum action. From the famous tackle house of CB One!



60g – size 3/0 ST66 hooks (or Shout T31), Size 7 Power Rings (As recommended by CB One)