Hayabusa Jack Eye Shot Slow Wide Jig


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Weight0.08 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 2 cm





Hayabusa Jackeye Shot Slow Wide Jig

Centre weighted wide body flutter jig, ideal for shallow water!

Hayabusa Jackeye Shot Slow Wide Jig is a small centre weighted flutter jig. It is perfectly tuned for slow pitch presentations in shallow water (think Port Phillip Bay snapper slow pitch jigging!) and is also a great shore jig. The jig is designed to wobble gently on a slow steady retrieve and it has a great flutter and fall on the drop that predators like snapper can’t resist! Also an ideal jig to work with vertical slow pitch retrieves on shallow inshore reefs. It;s action lends itself perfectly to shut down fish holding close to the bottom. The Jackeye Shot SLOW WIDE jig comes pre-rigged with twin dressed assists on the nose and is ready to go!


  • Capable of very long cast with rear-weighted slim body.
  • Center-weighted wide body offers slow wobbling movement, effective under tough condition.
  • Offers realistic movement under steady retrieve.
  • Double assist hook improves hook-up and prevent losing fish.
  • Asymmetrical hologram and sabiki assist hook trigger fish to bite.
  • Anti-rust tough tin coating hook.
  • Tough coating on body

20g – 47mm

60g – 68mm