Heru Bobara


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Heru Bobara

Huge action sinking stickbait

Heru Bobara slow sinking stick bait. Offers a wide profile, with a brilliant rolling action.

As a sinking bait, it can be cast and let to sink down to fish lower in the water column, for when fish are skittish and shying away from pure surface lures and big poppers.

Also very effective in rougher water, where surface running lures can battle in the wind and chop, Bobara gets below the chop and into the strike zone. Bobara can also be worked faster and closer to or on the surface in shallower water, or in conditions where you want a surface presentation.

It can also be used for trolling for Wahoo and Sailfish. The construction of this lure is of high quality timber and both the paint finish and the timber can handle an absolute beating from fish, it has a full wire construction and features premium NT belly swivel.

Customised “Ebb Tide” logo.

Available in the following sizes:

50g (140mm)

100g (180mm)

150g (200mm)

200g (240mm)