Heru GT Mania


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Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 10 cm


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Heru GT Mania

Easy to work Popper!

Heru GT Mania is a true GT slaying popper! Ideal for new GT anglers and those that can’t pop long periods.

GT Mania features a slim rear profile with a large angled cup face, the GT Mania is the ideal Popper for choppier water with minimised surface skitter and an amazing bubble trail.

The GT Mania is superbly easy to work, great for new GT anglers and delivers solid presence without huge angler effort. The oversize cup delivers one of the loudest and noisiest actions on the market.

Features NT Belly Swivel and heavy duty wiring. Customised “Ebb Tide” logo.

Heru GT Mania available in:

100g (165mm)

130g (185mm)