Hi-Seas Copper Double Sleeves


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Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 11 × 3 cm


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Hi-Seas Copper Double Sleeves

Hi-Seas Mini Double Barrel Copper Sleeves are excellent for use with big game mono leader material, and can also be fitted to wire leader. Perfect for affixing stinger hooks to big swimbaits, their burr-free, non-abrasive finish combined with their high strength capacity and corrosion resistance makes the HI-SEAS Mini Double Barrel Copper Sleeves the preferred choice for professional leader, lure, and tackle manufacturers.  Premium, tournament-grade copper double sleeves used for crimping 49-strand wire cable, monofilament or fluorocarbon. Black finish.

  • Size A1: 1.9mm ID (60 crimps)
  • Size B: 1.6mm ID (100 crimps)
  • Size C: 1.3mm ID (100 crimps)