Shout STROBE Jig


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Shout Strobe Jig

Shout Strobe jig is a fast falling, centre balanced jig, with a flutter and fall action. A slow pitch jig ideal for demersal fish such as emperor, trout, hapuka, blue eye, nannygai, redfish, trout, bass, perch and brilliant for dogtooth tuna, amberjack and kingfish when they aren’t switched onto a traditional style jig. The profile is designed to cut through the water and drop fast into the bite zone. Using your rod, lift and jerk style retrieve, the jig it will dart around, flutter then falls fast mimicking a wounded or dying baitfish, enticing bites from the fussiest of predators and highly pressured fish. With its shape and centre balancing it flutters at first then drops quickly into the bite zone, making it a great jig when fishing it higher current. Can be fished as a traditional slow pitch jig or also as a long fall.

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