Yamai Suteki Crafters – Barbless


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Yamai Suteki Crafters – Barbless model

Tuna Champion Approved Barbless Hooks!

Crafters Barbless are the perfect alternative to treble hooks. Crafter’s model hooks are made in Japan and sharpened by hand. Super heavy duty hook, these won’t let you down. Built mega tough and ideal for replacing treble hooks. Ideal for stickbaiting and allows your lure maximum action. Crafters barbless casting hook package includes two (2) barbed singles, each is rigged to a solid ring with a short length of high strength PE cord and finished with heatshrink, ready to attach straight to your lure!

Each pack contains 2 barbless plugging single rigs. Size and weights:

Crafter’s Barbless 2/0 – 6.2 gm

Crafter’s Barbless 3/0 – 7.4 gm

Crafter’s Barbless 4/0 – 8.1 gm

Crafter’s Barbless 5/0 – 11.2 gm

Size Comparison:
Crafter’s Barbless 2/0– Approx same hook size as Shout Kudako 5/0
Crafter’s Barbless 3/0– Approx same hook size as Shout Kudako 6/0
Crafter’s Barbless 4/0– Approx same hook size as Shout Kudako 7/0
Crafter’s Barbless 5/0– Approx same hook size as Shout Kudako 8/0

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