Catch Squidwings 200g

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Catch Fishing Squidwings 200g

Squid skirted mega bait!

We know all fish love to eat squid, whether they are arrow squid, calamari or any other species! So, the legends at Catch Fishing set to develop a multi use squid lure. The aim was to develop a lure that was suitable for a wide range of fishing species. The 200 gram Squidwings has a Teflon tube running through the centre of the lure, comes rigged with 100lb high abrasion mono and stainless steel 4/0 double hooks. It has been proven to be a highly effective lure when trolling for kingfish and tuna.

A lot of effective fish catching features are built into this lure: glitter, holographics, glow paint, silver belly with contrasting topside, realistic 3D eyes and super strong hooks. All the features to increase the odds for the angler.

Squidwings has been tested in a range of different situations. The secret is in the wings. They give the lure stability and a bubble trail when trolled and can even be jigged! Combined with the super tough skirt, it creates an aggressive attack response in most fish.

Here is one more thing about Squidwings. The body and the skirt combine to be a big profile in the water, and you will tend to attract the larger fish.

Squidwings may just change your day!

200g sizes in a variety of colours

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