Jack Fin Stylo 150

Jack Fin

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Jack Fin Stylo 150

Skipping Pencil!

Stylo 150 is a pencil-bait that imitates a small garfish. It is the smallest of the Stylo family, from which it takes all the technical characteristics: very long casts and perfect maneuverability. Its size makes it perfect for any predator, especially in Europe where developed on sea bass and bluefish in Europe; it is also extremely attractive on mahi mahi and other pelagic fish species. Think ideal for shallow inshore flats and estuaries here in Australia! No doubt Saratoga, small barra and anything that eats baby garfish will love this! It is 15 cm long, weighs 15 grams and is equipped with a through wire. The coloring is protected by several layers of extra-resistant epoxy resin.

Like the Stylo 210 and the new large Stylo 240, lure performance is great with a variety of retrieve actions. From fast aggressive retrieve for active feeding predators, to slow inconsistent wounded baitfish style retrieve action. 

  • length: 150 mm
  • weight: 15 gr
  • action: floating
  • Included trebles: BKK FANGS 4X # 6

The design of the Stylo is a worldwide registered model.

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