Howk Hybrid 200g


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Weight0.45 kg
Dimensions25 × 21 × 8 cm


Sephia, Dentex, Kraken, Fire, Dorado, Light Red


Howk Hybrid 200g

Howk Hybrid is a new concept squid/fish deep water jigging lure, developed to target all types of predatory fish. Designed to be fished vertically but has applications for anything you can think of! Many fishers with their first view are keen to troll this lure!

The unique shape of merging the attractive nature of a squid with the action of a fish and multiple levels of vibration makes this lure unbeatable! A lure with a very polished and aerodynamic design that cuts through the water perfectly to go down effortlessly.

Designed in a range of essential colours for a wide variety of predatory fish and hook setup that will ensure that a large part of the bites will convert to catches. The lateral fins cause vertical vibrations while the tail makes heavier horizontal vibrations from the paddle style tail. This generates a series of crisscross movements around the lure causing it to attract the attention of predators even in low light, deep water or murky conditions.

Available in several weights according to depth and tides. The head and the eyes of the lure are coated with a special glow coating for use in deep or dark water where there is not too much light, the head and the eyes will glow in the dark attracting predatory fish. Big ideas for big fish. This is how Howk Hybrid was born!

Bound to be a winner for all demersal species such as Dhufish, Trumpeter, Snapper, kingfish, and many more all over the world!

  • Realistic, UV eyes, placed in the middle of the body, reminiscent of a squid
  • “Heel” type tail which vibrates during recovery
  • Rigged with super strong hooks
  • Main Hook clip attaches to head, tail hook attached to head via internal assist rigging.
  • Through hole in the body of the bait to facilitate the placement of Assist Hook
  • Howk Hybrid Fish & Squid comes in a deluxe package that includes: One rigged lure & One spare tail included
  • 200g and 20cm long
  • Also available in 150g

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