Sea Falcon Z Slow Jig 150g


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Sea Falcon Z Slow Jig 150g

Awesome 150g Slow Pitch Jig!

Sea Falcon Z Slow 150g Jig is world renowned for ease of use and fish catching ability! A great Z pattern action and is the best allrounder in the Sea Falcon jig range. The Z Slow can be fished with either a slow pitch or long fall technique. Centre weighted for a great up swim and flutter on the drop and immediately respond to movement from the rod or reel. Built tough, handmade in Japan with full one piece wire harness and hand painted, with reflective and/or glow finishes.  Close to the best all-round slow pitch jig that you can get!

  • Slow Pitch Standard Model​
  • Slow Current​
  • Erratic Falling Action​
  • Fast Darting when Jerking​
  • Target Species: Multi Species
  • Wide range of sizes available from Ebb Tide Tackle
  • Handmade in Japan
  • 100mm long, 28mm wide (approx)