Sea Falcon Z Slow Mini 45g Rigged Jig

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Sea Falcon Z Slow Mini 45g Rigged Jig

Casting or shallow water Slow Pitch Jig 45g

Sea Falcon Z Slow Mini 45g Rigged Jig is a mini version of the renowned Sea Falcon Z Slow jig. Designed as a small version of a traditional slow pitch jig, the Z Slow Mini is the traditional effective delta shape jig. It produces a sharp action and a strong flashing effect and it can also maintain a flat fluttering fall for a long time to appeal to your target. A great all-round slow pitch jig that you can use for either shore casting and retrieve, or ideal for jigging in shallow inshore waters and Port Phillip Bay snapper, Portland Bay and other low current areas. Rigged with a dressed Decoy single hook

  • Slow Pitch Standard Model​
  • Slow Current​
  • Erratic Falling Action​
  • Fast Darting when Jerking​
  • Multi Species
  • Also available in 35g and 65g models from Ebb Tide Tackle
  • Handmade in Japan
  • 67mm long, 17mm wide (approx)